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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 16, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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going to work? i'll bet on that. >> i bet bret baier will take the show and have a great show. is sending a mixed message the best bet for stopping iran's nuclear program? president obama and congress worlds apart. this is "special report". ." good evening and welcome to washington. president obama and his british counter part david cameron stand side by side physically and emotionally over how congress ought to handle iran. they insist the sanctions congress wants to slap iran with will blow up the already fragile nuclear deal and drive closer to a nuclear weapon. james rosen is at the white house with our lead story.
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>> reporter: after a working session in the oval office president obama and british prime minister david cameron worked overtime to persuade the u.s. congress to hold your fire on more sanctions against iran. >> i don't question the good faith of some folks who think this might be helpful but it is my team that is at the table. we are steeped in this stuff day in and day out. >> the president's remarks came one day after he attended a retreat with senate democrats in baltimore. set to join the majority of republicans to finalize a deal to rein in its nuclear programs. iran is already escaping from the shadow of existing sanctions. >> the iranian economy is still in distress but has begun to create a degree of stability. >> reporter: mr. obama reportedly told fellow democrats
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he is ready to play offense and publicly renewed his veto threat threat. the talks would be torpedoed immediately. >> the risks and likelihood that this ends up being at some point a military confrontation is heightened. and congress will have to own that, as well. >> cameron confirmed that in an extraordinary move for a head of state coordinated by the obama white house he has been telephoning united states senators on the matter. >> not in any way as british prime minister to tell the american citizens what it should or shouldn't do wouldn't be right. simply to make the point that it is the opinion of the united kingdom that further threat of vankzs wouldn't help. >> compromised of the u.s., uk, russia france and germany knee deep into the second year of
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negotiations with iran conservatives wary of engagement are cautioning the president not to review sanctions as a real deterrent to the nuclear ambition. >> i think that is the general view in the intelligence community they have had an something effect. >> senior white house officials tell me the president in his remarks today threw out the timeframe of 60 to 90 days to assure lawmakers there is an end point to the iran nuclear talks but to show that mr. obama himself is growing impatient with iran. >> live on the north lawn. thank you. the heads of state also discussed the terror plots unfolding throughout the globe. groups like isis and others are increasingly turning to the internet to find those willing to carry out terrorist attacks. here is chief intelligence
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correspondent. >> reporter: with the reins unfolding across europe the message was one of unity and transatlantic partnership. the language to describe the threat under scored a sharp divide. >> we do face a very serious islamist extremist threat. >> we are going to keep working together on strategies to counter violent extremism that radicalizes recruits. >> this poisonous cult of a narrative that is perverting the religion of islam. >> reporter: both believed social media is driving the digital jihad. al qaeda in yemen claimed responsibility for the paris massacre as well as the boko haram. >> social media and the internet
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is the primary way in which the terrorist organizations are communicating. >> reporter: what mr. obama failed to mention is that the u.s. intelligence community warned eight years ago that the web would be the driver of radical islam. while the president set out to reform controversial surveillance programs including the collection of american phone records after the snoeden leaks. >> we are not asking for back doors. we believe in very clear front doors to help keep our country safe. my only argument is that technology develops as the world moves on we should try to avoid the safe havens that can otherwise be created for terrorists to talk to each other. >> reporter: critics argue no amount of collection could have prevented the boston bombing because it was an attempt to
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share information. intelligence emphasizes commanding control needs operatives giving training in financing but the timing for the plot is left up to the cells. >> any update on gitmo releases? >> the administration threw out this number of 6% of the detainees they have transferred going back to the fight. the lion's share were released under president bush andtypically from my experience taking several years for them to reengage. this week we confirmed here at fox news that two former detainees are running isis recruitment in pakistan and afghanistan. when they go back they become rock stars in the jihaddest world. saudi authorities touting medical reasons that postponed the second round of flogging. amnesty international said
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authorities delayed administering 50 lashes because the wounds from last week haven't yet healed properly. he was sentenced to ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes for criticizing soudy clerics. the u.s. military is planning to send up to 1,000 american troops to train rebels in the fight against isis. the pentagon says there could be hundreds of trainers from other countries, saudi arabia, turkey and qatar have elected to host the training. a series of sweeps from the "charlie hebdo" massacre to major internet attack in bellgium belgium. >> european counter terrorism teams carried out more than a dozen raids overnight arresting radical muslim extremists. in the eastern belgium town authorities say a terrorist cell
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was hours from launching an assault targeting police officers. after a lengthy gun battle two extremists were killed and another wounded. a total of 13 were arrested and multiple weapons seized including ak 47s, explosives, cash and police uniforms. in paris 12 suspects with possible ties to last week's attacks are now in custody reportedly eight men and four women most already known to police for common crimes now suspected of providing logistical support to the kosher grocery gunman. secretary of state john kerry made his 19th official trip to france five days after the rally. he visited the scenes of last week's terror attacks at the kosher grocery telling the foreign minister he couldn't make it sooner because of previously scheduled trips to india. he told french president francois hollande america shares his pain. >> i wanted to express to you
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personally the sheer horror that all americans felt for the cowardly despicable act, the assault of innocent lives and fundamental values. ♪ you've got a friend ♪ >> reporter: secretary kerry brought james taylor to provide "you've got a friend" to the people of france to help ease tensions. the new issue of "charlie hebdo" has sparked protest in pakistan with some clashes turning violent. demonstrators burned flags and threw stones calling the cartoon blasphemous and an assault on islam. the recent arrests have not eased concerns here in france and across europe with thousands of extremists now returning home. authorities say these are the ones most likely to launch new attacks and the problem is just
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too wide spread to fully contain. >> live just after midnight in paris. thank you. up next president obama goes on the offensive again. we'll explain. first here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering. wbrb is covering police search for a teenage couple on a crime spree. she is 13. he is 18. it is unclear what state they are in now. they started off in kentucky, spotted in south carolina and now may be in georgia. suspected of burglaries and stolen vehicles. in dallas a truck slammed into a house where a family of five was sleeping. the vehicle missed a woman and her grand son by inches. the driver ran away from the scene but officers found him after searching the neighborhood. police are investigating whether alcohol was a factor. this is a live look at san francisco from foggy san francisco. big story there tonight two babies born on highway 24 in the past two days.
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why settle for a lens with just one mode? experience life well lit ®. speak with your eyecare professional to... ...upgrade your lenses to transitions ® signature ™ . tonight one of many possible contenders for president on the republican side is making his pitch to party faithfuls. it is a familiar face. governor mitt romney is one of a couple dozen potential gop candidates who could join the race. so far judging by several editorials and social media the response to a romney candidacy has been lukewarm at best. as the horse race begins the rnc locked in a number of debates with more possibly on the way. fox news will host the first debate in august. chief political correspondent carl cameron is in san diego with the story.
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>> reporter: lit up the meeting with attacks on president obama. >> we are experiencing a crisis of competence in washington and the people know it. >> reporter: perry is one of ten current and former republican governors positioning for a white house run, four of which have taken shots at it before. last night scott walker told fox that bush and romney should be discounted. >> if you are a supporter would you call this campaign lousy in the book why not mitt romney? >> mitt is a good man. i think he would have been a good president. i think it is time for us to move forward. if we take a stark contrast between the tired policies of washington. why not jeb bush? >> if this is an election that contrasts the past with the future it is hard to pick a name related to the past. >> amid pushing and pulling over bush and romney new jersey governor chris christie urged
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republicans to avoid snap judgments. >> what i told everybody, supporters of mine staff is relax. >> reporter: today the rnc approved nine debates with tween august this year and march 2016 the first hosted by fox news. >> we have reasonably limited the number of debates. we want to work with our debate partners in making sure the process is fair. >> reporter: republican power brokers hope it will stream line the gop nomination process so the eventual nominee can focus on the opposition. the main event happens tonight on the decks of the uss midway as mitt romney will address the rnc as he quote seriously considers a third run. romney can expect a cordial, warm and somewhat skeptical reception. many of them said while they appreciate the effort of the past as they look forward to 2016 they are not that much into him. 10:00 eastern on a friday night,
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not the kind of news coverage through the weekend that he would want. >> live in san diego. thanks. from an already crowded potential gop field to a democratic one that is just about empty save one big name, hillary clinton. senior national correspondent on the pros and cons of running away from the competition. >> reporter: not since richard nixon oblit rated a weak field in 1960 has a nonincumbent faced less opposition than hillary clinton may in 2016 which for the democratic may not be that good. >> the democratic party needs a real debate about what it's for, who it's for, what it's about, where it will take the country. >> reporter: running unopposed would save clinton from the pommeling she took in 2008. she could amass a war chest few could match.
3:18 pm
there is also a potential down side to a coronation. >> the chance to vet ideals. elections are about ideals that turn into policy that turn into how we govern and how the life styles are. >> reporter: with the possibility of no democratic debates clinton could skirt thorny questions about the reset with russia and benghazi. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> reporter: skipping the cruseble of the primaries could leave her out for game as she appeared to be launching her book tour last year. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. >> when you are off the trail for a while you come back rusty. she certainly came back rusty on that book tour. >> reporter: the republican candidate on the other hand came out bloodied and battle hardened for what is expected to be a lively primary campaign. while richard nixon swatted away
3:19 pm
his republican competition he lost the general election. >> thank you. stocks rallied after five straight down days. the dow added 191 today. the s&p 500 was up 27. the nasdaq closed 64 ahead. the major indexes were down across the board all week long. the dow lost 1.3%. the s&p 500 down 1.25%. the nasdaq lost 1.5%. a classless joke about a suspect accused of threatening to murder speaker boehner. first president obama is pushing for a couple of years for free college for everyone but at what cost? we'll be right back.
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the u.s. supreme court will
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hear same-sex marriage arguments in april. the case centers on a ruling that upheld bands in four states, kentucky michigan ohio and tennessee are among the 14 states where gay and lesbian couples are not allowed to marry. the decision is expected by late june. the 1977 amendment blocks abortion providers from using federal money to fund abortions. taxpayers are responsible for funding four of every ten planned parent hoods dollars and, of course money is fungible. shannon green has more. >> abortion makes up 94% of planned parenthood pregnancy services. >> reporter: if you are a taxpayer you are funding to a tune of nearly $530 million federal in the last fiscal year during which the organization reports it performed nearly 428,000 abortions. >> up to 70% of americans don't
3:24 pm
want taxpayer dollars going towards abortion. when the money flows directly they are doing more abortions. >> pro-life advocates remain focused on the goal of blocking federal tax dollars they are celebrating successes at the state level. according to americans united for life over the last decade more than 330 measures have been taxed at the state and local levels with more on the pipeline. planned parenthood president says it is a frightening trend. >> the thought that the state legislature knows better than a medical professional and what your options are is outrageous to people. >> reporter: 13 states passed measures putting strict limits on abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. pro choice advocates say there is no evidence to support the assertion.
3:25 pm
the house of reptresentatives is expected to place a ban. they got the votes to block it in the senate and advocate. >> he said he would veto it if it reached his desk. we fully expect him to take that position again. >> reporter: thousands are expected to meet in washington for the walk for life. opened the door for legal abortions in the u.s. >> thank you. medicare chief resigned today. she survived the botched rollout of and remained even as her boss left office. she received bipartisan praise. former house oversight chairman said she had to go. many people hope after college they will have a job waiting. for many recent jobs it hasn't
3:26 pm
been the case. critics of president obama say making community college free will not fix the problem. correspondent explains one company's solution. >> reporter: these college graduates aren't working on their phds. their focus is getting a job. they are willing to pay to increase their odds. seattle startup is trying to bridge the gap between what is taught in college and what matters to employers. >> they are going to college and paying their way through college and working hard to get their degrees. and something is not working. >> reporter: what president obama wants to have more young people get higher education by having the government pay for everyone's first two years of community college. >> every american whether young or just young at heart should be able to earn the skills and education necessary to compete and win in the 21st century economy. >> reporter: the problem is too many are not winning according to a study by the federal reserve bank of new york half of recent college graduates are unemployed or under employed
3:27 pm
working jobs that don't require a degree. critics say creating more degree holders is not the answer. >> often professors and faculty at universities are not cognizant of real world concerns. they live in an ivory tower not worried about whether the graduates are going to get jobs. >> reporter: community college is also a tough road to the top. studies show 15% of those who start end up earning a bachelor's degree. no matter the recent struggles getting a degree beats the alternative. >> it really did provide insurance and a cushion. we have seen data that indicates that a college degree means a lifetime difference in earnings of a million dollars over the cost of a lifetime. >> reporter: the program definitely is not free. it cost $2,500 for four weeks. so far results have been promising. 94% of graduates have gotten a high-paying job that requires a college degree. >> thank you. up next in the grapevine how
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one school's canned food drive is about hoar than just giving back to those in need.
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fresh pickings from the political grapevine. in the ongoing debate about
3:32 pm
school security and whether to arm school personnel to protect against a potential intruder one principal has a new line of defense, canned food. she sent a letter to students asking that each child bring in one can of peas corn, soup or the like. it's part of her plan to catch intruders offguard. she says throwing those cans dd stun the intruder or knock him out until police arrive. the school district specified the canned food attack would be a last resort only if attempts to barricade the attacker outside the classroom failed. retired sergeant says the letter came in the mail addressed to his wife, we are sorry to learn about the death of james fales and extend to you our deepest sympathy and goes on with instructions on how to
3:33 pm
claim death benefits. he said when you are pronounced dead and you are opening the letter it isn't really a bad thing. the v.a.'s response when he called to share the good news that he was alive oh boy. they had since apologized and said they are working diligently to fix the mistake. in a show of allegiance against the seahawks a town neighboring seattle has banned cheese at city hall. the times reports the manager issued the ban in the form of an executive order due to the relationship between the green bay packers their fans and cheese the possession of and/or consumption of cheese shall be banned in city hall. it seems he may not have done his homework. the washington dairy products commission says most of the cheese sold in that state is actually made locally or in nearby oregon, california or idaho. the city manager isn't backing
3:34 pm
down. he says he will have a grater on hand for cheese smuggled in. a wisconsin station banned musicians associated with seattle's music scene. we told you earlier this week about the ohio bartender charged with threatening to murder house speaker john boehner possibly by poisoning his drink. a member of the media made a tasteless joke about this case. let's bring in host of fox's media buzz. good evening. what did say about john boehner? >> you think the story of an ohio bartender being charged with threatening to kill the speaker of the house would be treated as serious. an associated editor of the website owned by "boston globe" said there had been stories about boehner's drinking and if he had been poisoned his pickled liver could have filtered out the toxins.
3:35 pm
>> what has been the fallout? >> the site has apologized and the writer victor paul alvarez who admits what he wrote was mean and tasteless has been fired. the larger question is about editors. editors who once might have stopped this from being pub lshzed in an age where everyone is facebooking and tweeting they are being by passed or they are asleep at the switch. >> is it part of a larger credibility problem? >> absolutely. here is why. this gives ammunition to people who think that journalists secretly hate republicans. it makes me think of some hurled at sarah palin. it is unfair that the reporters of the "boston globe" and other news organization who are at least trying to be fair. this is another just latest in a series of self-inflicted wounds. >> thank you. should congress listen to president obama and britain's david cameron and hold off on
3:36 pm
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and get in the know. i said to my democratic caucus colleagues yesterday that i will veto a bill that comes to my desk. my main message to congress at this point is just hold your fire. nobody around the world doubt my ability to get some additional sanctions passed. >> mr. prime minister i understand you have been making phone calls to senators on this issue of the iran sanctions bill. is that correct? are you lobbying u.s. congress on this? >> to answer you directly yes i have contacted a couple of senators this morning and i may speak to one or two more this
3:40 pm
afternoon. simply to make the point that further threat of sanctions at this point won't actually help to bring the talks to a successful conclusion. >> the british prime minister making calls to senators, the president saying the congress should hold fire on new sanctions as the iran deal is still in the works. let's start there. bring in the panel. white house correspondent for the the associated press and syndicated columnist. i think it was in washington surprising to hear prime minister lobbying senators on behalf of the administration. >> it was extraordinary. i have never heard of that happening before. it tells you how seriously the u.s. the uk and their negotiating partners take this threat of sanctions from capitol hill. they say even if the president could veto the legislation and it is unclear if congress will veto to a majority on this the mere act of congress passing this bill in the middle of the
3:41 pm
bill could blow off the negotiations. they feel like they are at a point where they are negotiating in good faith with the iranians. they feel like it is maybe 50/50 prospect of getting a deal. even a 50/50 prospect is better than having negotiations at this point implode. >> it is interesting senator bob menendez here he is talking about this very back and forth. >> the iranians don't believe there is a credible use of force on the table. i think what has happened unfortunately with events with isil leads them to believe there is resurgence in their importance in the region. that is problematic. >> steve, essentially they are saying there needs to be some kind of thing that says iran, we are serious. if the deal falls apart it is ready to go. >> exactly. julie accurately described the way the administration has been making the case. it is the opposite of what the
3:42 pm
administration argues is true would give them more leverage with the president could turn and say we have these crazies back there in the united states in both parties. and if i accept a bum deal for the united states you are going to be hit with these sanctions. i can't control what they are going to do. it gives the administration more leverage. two exchanges very interesting today on these issues. one was the one you just showed with david cameron who said in effect i'm calling senators to urge them not to do this but i'm not lobbying them. i'm letting them know we don't need it. the reporter from the the associated press asking about the nuclear reactors that iran announced earlier this week and said isn't this problematic? the person said it didn't violate the interim agreement. and the reporter says so you are saying you are not concerned?
3:43 pm
he said i didn't say i was not concerned. we might be concerned. it is a silly back pedaling from the administration seemingly wanting to give iran my view every benefit of every doubt at every question. >> you are talking about the president earlier saying iran would continue to build the two nuclear plants and at the same time saying iranian prosecutors will indict and have indicted a detained washington post reporter. those came as negotiations were continuing in geneva. the president today said if i want sanctions i can get sanctions from this congress. let's make this at least a chance. >> look, what he said is really remarkable. he says nobody doubts that i have the ability to get new sanctions. true. but nobody in the world believes that he has the willingness to get the sanctions.
3:44 pm
that's the reason why congress wants to pass them to be triggered, not to be imposed now, but to be triggered if the negotiations don't succeed. so it gives the u.s. leverage over iran. obama says don't worry if the negotiations don't succeed. i can get sanctions. he has shown right through the years in these negotiations that he has resisted sanctions at every turn. the initial set of sanctions that really weaken the regime and hurt the economy and cut the value of the in half that brought iran to the table, obama resisted tooth and nail. congress had to pass them over his objection and then starts these interim negotiations starting by relaxing the sanctions which is a disincentive for iran to go ahead and negotiate and says if this doesn't succeed in the six month limit we will or we can reimpose new sanctions. he doesn't do it.
3:45 pm
instead he extends negotiations. it runs out and extends it a second time. nobody including the iranians has any faith in the fact that he will actually impose sanctions. iranians know that and that is why they understand he is negotiating out of weakness and desperation. >> in the first go through the president said we haven't taken anything off the table. if the negotiations fail he is very forceful. second time around our former colleague asked wait a second does this mean footing happens if the negotiations fail and he said let me be clear, that is is not the case. >> he is telling iranians i am inserting no leverage over you. everything is off the table. i am trying like hell to get an agreement that you can support and i can sell as a fig leaf. look at his success with negotiations at the russian reset and how much he got out of castro by normalizing. this guy doesn't understand or believe in leverage and the
3:46 pm
results have reflected exactly that. >> julie, i want to turn to the terrorist threat and they are talking about it. take a listen to how both leaders talked about it. >> we do face a very serious islamist extremist terrorist threat poisonous fanatical cult of a narrative perverting the religion of islam. >> the phenomenon of violent extremism, strategies to counter violent extremism with respect to violent extremism my impression is that europe has consistently taken this seriously. >> kind of interesting to watch. >> i was saying earlier i kept going back to my story because he was really seemed extraordinary lines. when you listen to them in contrast with what the president was saying and what other white house officials have been saying
3:47 pm
it is clear the strategies are different here. the white house will explain this by saying they don't want to give people who are muslim the reason to think that they are associating islam with terrorism. they don't want to justify the rationale of people who are carrying out attacks. in some ways they are creating a story where they don't have to create a story. islamic extremism is a word used before. it is not totally off the wall to say that. they are kind of providing fodder. >> the administration has sought to down play threats from islamic extremism. we are seeing the president do it here. >> it isn't just the logical absurdity of refusing to use the word and speak the truth look at the passion that cameron had talking about this and obama's about this. you look at the two leaders you don't have to be a psychiatrist
3:48 pm
to figure out who truly cares about this and burns over this. i think it reflects the policies that emerge. i did it in honor of our visit to paris. if he can speak in french so can i. the friday lightning round. first up oil prices and your gas tank. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. and an early morning mode. and a partly sunny mode.
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this is a fox news alert and a fox news exclusive. the department of state has now alerted eight agencies that they have until february 2nd to weigh in and provide their views on the national interest with regard to the keystone xl pipeline permit application. so basically they are giving a
3:52 pm
deadline of february 2nd to get in. this obviously as this battle keeps on going back and forth over keystone oil prices continue to fall. as you take a look at crude oil since september it has steadily gone down, and that is both a blessing and a curse for the economy. back with the panel. steve, obviously people in the industry and in texas really are taking it on the chin for example, but many people have a lot more to spend in their pocket and retail is picking up. >> right. i mean i think you can empathize with those who are directly affected by the falling prices, but to me there's not really much of a curse. it's almost entirely a blessing. you are seeing it in consumer confidence, the way people are answering questions about the direction of the country almost because of the precipitous drop in gas prices. >> julie? >> typically when consumer confidence goes up businesses start hiring more, people start looking to branch out and create
3:53 pm
new small businesses so the ripple effect could be quite profound. i don't think anybody expects oil to stay as low as it is right now. it will probably start to rise. >> what do you make of the news tonight? >> i think it's really interesting because i don't know the whole back story behind it, but you could see perhaps this is a way for the administration to get around the congressional legislation if they push up their own deadline. maybe the president will approve the keystone pipeline before he has to deal with a possible veto. >> that's interesting because he told politico, quote, i'm not going to spend the next two years on defense, i'm going to play offense, but everything we've heard are these veto threats, including keystone pipeline. it's kind of like an ice hockey goalie blocking republican pucks. >> right. >> what about this? >> well, i think it makes sense to get another three weeks of examination of a problem that's now been studied for six years and with five reports from the state department. look, this is just a way to cook it up to get it out of the way and to dare the republicans to pass legislation which he thinks
3:54 pm
he'll be able to override with a veto. >> skip to winners and losers. winner first? >> my winner is iran. what obama said about the negotiations weakens our position yet again. he took the military option completely off the table and he did it gratuitously. >> i want to pause. this is your loser coming up? >> hold on. >> your loser? >> my loser. >> let's play this. ♪ you just call out my name and you'll know whereever i am, i'll come running ♪ >> i would normally have insusiance over a james tailor performance, but this is happening in paris flown in by the secretary of state, a way to a appease the french over the snub last week. it seems like an onion story and it was preceded by a hug of the
3:55 pm
secretary of state to francois hollande. >> my winner is joni ernst. she's been chosen to deliver the republican response. she's going to have an enormous audience. we all know sometimes delivering the gop response could be the loser of the week. my loser is mitt romney. >> my loser is hillary clinton and sometimes you're a loser not for what you've done or said but for things you haven't done or said. it's been more than a week and she hasn't commented on "charlie hebdo." i think that makes her a problem as the former secretary of state. my winner is aaron rodgers quarterback for the green bay packers. >> shocking. >> wins a game, sends his team to the nbc championship playing basically on one leg.
3:56 pm
likely to be the league mvp. we'll see if he can do it this weekend. >> astonishing choice. >> i never picked the packers the entire year. >> i believe this is my first packers. >> okay. all right. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for confusion over an awkward protestor chant. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® [ female announcer ] knows her way around a miniskirt. can run in high heels. must be a supermodel, right? you don't know "aarp." because aarp is making finding the career you love no matter what your age, a real possibility. go to to check out life reimagined for tools,
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finally tonight we know most people who go out and protest are very passionate, but that doesn't always mean they know how to best sell their message. >> keystone became a big political issue sometime in 2011. >> environmentalists adopted keystone and they've done a lot of work to elevate it as a symbol. >> you build the pipeline. >> you know you don't have to go with the first chant you think of. we think it is very bad for the envi-ron-ment. >> oh, yes. thanks for letting us into your home tonight.
4:00 pm
that is it for your special report. fair balanced. don't forget state of the union coverage. special coverage will be anchored 8:55. greta is on the record right now. this is a fox news alert. right now the growing threat of more terror attacks all around the western world. police raising a foiled plot and arresting dozens of terror suspects in raids across europe ireland and england and france belgium and germany. hello, everyone. i'm dana perfect reno in for greta van sus stern. the world is on edge as the hunt expands. in belgium police operations are ongoing after last night's raid of a terror cell. the raid stopped a plot hours before it was supposed to be executed. we're joined live from brussels. tessa, what's your report.


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